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After nearly 10 years with www.PaulaKluth.com, I’m excited to unveil my new site and provide you with even more inclusion-related resources and tools. The purpose of this new site is to promote inclusive schooling and offer lots and lots and lots of ideas for those working hard to create classrooms all all every single day. Whether you are a self-advocate/advocate, educator, paraprofessional, administrator, or parent, I want you to be able to find content here that is thought-provoking and helpful.

Co-Teaching Kick Off

Paula Kluth inclusion event

August 1-September 30, 2021

Join Dr. Paula Kluth & her partners and get access to 10+ hours of content delivered through sessions ranging from 20 minutes (tips, strategies) to 75+ minutes (understanding “big picture” elements of co-teaching).

Down Syndrome Short Course

Paula Kluth inclusion event

October 4-31, 2021

Down syndrome short course with Paula Kluth

Get exclusive access this workshop series that has 6 hours of live and on demand online professional development sessions available to view throughout the month of October.

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Audio or video recording student performance is an ideal way to capture learning over time. Recordings can be used to track student progress or illustrate mastery of a skill.

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Universal Design Daily by Paula Kluth

Universal Design Daily

365 Ways to Teach, Support & Challenge All Learners

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Coaster by Paula Kluth

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Over, under, around or through. Find a way or make a way!

Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?, Paula Kluth, Ph.D.

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Sticky note classroom supports

what can you do with a sticky-note?: 7 ways to support diverse learners

"All about me" bag differentiation idea

“About Me” Alternatives: Getting to know you activities for inclusive classrooms

Using first-then boards as a support

first-then boards as a support for standards-based learning

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