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Paula Kluth

Presume Competence, Prioritize Peers & 10 Other Things Every Paraprofessional Needs to Know

Workshop with Dr. Paula Kluth

Paraprofessionals assigned to support students with disabilities in the general education classrooms are critical members of inclusive schooling teams. Many, however, feel they do have adequate background knowledge about the “what”, “why” and “how” of inclusive schools. This workshop is designed to support new and veteran paraprofessionals who work in inclusive classrooms and need skills to collaborate with colleagues and support diverse groups of learners.

This strategy-packed workshop will provide paraprofessionals with a few “big ideas” about supporting students with disabilities (e.g., presuming competence, honoring the “least dangerous assumption”, considering the dignity of risk, teaching up). It will also be filled with practical, easy-to-integrate techniques and strategies that can be used in K-12 inclusive classrooms (e.g., visual supports, indirect communication, choices, natural supports).

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Presume Competence, Prioritize Peers & 10 Other Things Every Paraprofessional Needs to Know

Paula Kluth

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