Paraprofessional workshop with Paula Kluth

Paula Kluth

Presume Competence, Prioritize Peers and 10 Other Things Every Paraprofessional Needs to Know

Workshop with Dr. Paula Kluth

This session is inspired by the words of celebrated poet, Emily Dickinson, who wrote, “I dwell in possibility.” In this session, Dickinson’s reflection will be applied to our work in inclusive schools. In this keynote session, the history and current state of inclusive schooling will be explored. Dr. Kluth will also discuss a vision for the future of this social justice movement and specifically what beliefs, values, and practices associated with inclusion will help educators succeed in educating, challenging, motivating and supporting all learners.

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Presume Competence, Prioritize Peers and 10 Other Things Every Paraprofessional Needs to Know

Paula Kluth

90 minutes

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