Looking for a short article on an inclusion-related topic? You have come to the right place! On this page, you will find articles on four different topics: autism, differentiation, inclusion, and literacy.

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autism articles

“Thank You, Bob Barker!”

Calm in Crisis

Getting Comfortable in the Inclusive Classroom

Getting Ready for School

Hanging in There

Supporting Students with Autism

Telling Social Secrets

differentiating instruction articles

20 Ways to Adapt the Science Lab

Differentiating Instruction

Don’t Lecture Me!

Encouraging Differentiation

Everyone Can Do Something

Q & A: Curriculum Design for ALL in the Inclusive Classroom

Rewriting History, and Nine Other Ways to Adapt Textbooks

What Do We Do Now?

inclusion articles

Creating Personal Portfolios

Honoring and Including Students with Communication Differences

In the Pool, On the Stage and At the Concert

Is Your School Inclusive?

Making Relationships a Priority

Questioning Removal, Rejection and Exclusion

Special Education is Not a Place

Strengths and Strategies

Talking Sticks: Activity & Sample Questions

literacy articles

20 Ways to Adapt the Read Aloud

Do You See What I Mean?

Inclusive Literacy Learning

Supporting the Literacy Learning of Students with Autism

Tell Me About the Story