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“Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?” Planning Tool

Don't We Already Do Inclusion? by Paula Kluth

I have been having so much fun working virtually with book clubs this summer—it has helped me to connect with so many of you in a personal way. To keep the fun moving forward and to provide inclusion energy and support for your inclusive activities, I wanted to share a handout that I’ve been using with study groups, book clubs, and steering committees who are using Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?: 100 Ideas for Improving Inclusive Schools as a planning tool.

If you are using Don’t We Already Do Inclusion? with your group, you can use this template to choose which pieces of your model you want to target for improvement. A hundred is a lot of ideas to consider all at once, so I suggest picking a few ideas from each section of the book, working on those ideas as goals and then choosing new ideas once you have met those goals.

Download Inclusion Planning Form

And don’t worry if you are interested in learning more about the process or the book, but don’t have a group—you can go to my Facebook page and find my bookclub videos (four part series).