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"All about me" bag differentiation idea

“about me” alternatives: getting to know you activities for inclusive classrooms

Make sure you give students a few different ways to tell you about themselves. Some learners can easily write a paragraph or talk to the… Read more

Using first-then boards as a support

first-then boards as a support for standards-based learning

A first/then board is a popular visual strategy used to provide structure and support in the classroom and beyond. A first-then board may be used… Read more

31 Ways to Enjoy an Inclusive Summer

Summer is finally here, and I am looking forward to having time to share content through my site. As an easy way to get started,… Read more

Teach using rubber chickens

Rubber chickens, flying pigs, etc.

If you have ever seen me present, you know I often use props, toys, and unusual learning materials to emphasize key points, elicit responses from… Read more

Sticky note classroom supports

what can you do with a sticky-note?: 7 ways to support diverse learners

You might use a sticky note to mark your page in a book or leave a reminder for a colleague, but these handy little scraps… Read more

Teachers attending a conference

Keeping learning alive after the workshop ends

I have had such a great fall visiting schools, districts, and organizations around the country, but also here in my own backyard of Chicago. It… Read more

Pedro's Whale by Paula Kluth

A plan for Pedro

One of the most exciting parts of writing a book for children is seeing all of the ways it is used by students, families, and… Read more

Lesson plan using Pedro's Whale

Another perfect Pedro plan

This post needs to begin with a big “thank you” to Nicolette Brata-Coolen. Nicolette wrote to me and sent some great artifacts from a lesson… Read more

Pedro's Whale class project

What is your whale?

I am so excited to post another great teaching idea from a general education teacher who is soooooo very dedicated to supporting all of the… Read more

Inclusion classroom props

More joy in the classroom: 3 ideas

Lately, I have been working with many teams and teachers who are interested in cultivating classrooms that are more responsive, active, and joyful. I have… Read more

"All done" board

“All done” board

There are so many benefits of having a differentiated classroom, but a challenge that may exist is managing the time and activities of your students.… Read more