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$109/person (about $5/session!)


You will get access to 20+ recorded sessions hosted by Paula Kluth and several collaborative partners including administrators, co-teachers, related service providers, and coaches/facilitators.

The event includes over 20 hours of content with sessions ranging from 20 minutes (tips, strategies) to 75+ minutes (understanding “big picture” elements of co-teaching).


You will have unlimited on-demand access to the event content through November 30, 2022 @ 9:00pm ET.


After registering, simply log in to InclusionRules.com review all of the available sessions and view the them in any order you choose.

Watch some or all. View your favorites as many times as you like. Binge the material in one day, or visit throughout the month to learn a little at a time.


30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom by Paula Kluth

Content from 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom will be featured in this event. Save up to 35% when ordering in bulk for your group. Contact us for details.

Buy 10 copies and get access to a 100+ slide PPT!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I attended last year. Is this event different?

Yes! This year’s event will have 7 new sessions on topics including co-teaching with more than one partner, coaching co-teachers, working with paraprofessionals in co-taught classrooms, and more!

+ Can I register a group with a purchase order?

Yes! Contact us and we will help. Let us know how many people you need to register and we can send an invoice to you. We will send you a coupon code to use for each person registering under the purchase order. We can get you in the conference immediately when the PO is ready.

Register a minimum of 20 people at get a discount of US$10/person. Save even more when registering your group of 50, 100, 150 or more! Contact us and save!

+ Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Register a minimum of 20 people at get a discount of $10/person. Save even more when registering your group of 50, 100, 150 and more!

Contact us and we will help!

+ Can I share my registration?

Each registration is for one person, and the training materials are intended for individual use only. Anyone viewing the video content must be registered for the conference.

User credentials are intended only for the person who has registered. Registration is not transferrable.

Want to register a group? Contact us!

+ Can I get CEU credit?

A downloadable certificate will be available from the conference page.

+ Can I access the conference content after November 30?

No. The conference will end at 9:00pm ET on November 30, 2022. We will not be able to offer extensions—sorry!

+ Do I need a copy of “30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom”?

Having a copy of “30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom” would be very helpful, but it is not required. The book is available on Amazon, and we offer great discounts for group orders – contact us for details.

+ What about early childhood staff? Or enrichment staff?

Most of the sessions are appropriate for educators in all grade levels and areas of expertise (e.g., special education, enrichment, ELL). The examples are primarily from K-12, but the content relates to co-teaching in general. For instance, the session on having fun in co-taught classrooms features content such as using “collaborative costumes” to teach content, celebrating classrooms “wins”, etc. The vision & goal setting session is about just that–reflecting on the big picture and talking to your partner about expectations and ideas for implementation. The paraprofessional session is about co-teaching and collaborating with classroom support staff. Most topics, like these, are not connected to student needs, teacher role, or grade level.

For those sessions that are focused on classroom structures (e.g., using stations). The examples are primarily from K-12 classrooms, but would be fairly easy to modify for any classroom. There is also one session in the conference specifically focused on co-teaching young children, one on working with ELL teachers, and one featuring collaboration with an enrichment specialist.

+ Can I download the session notes?

Yes! All of the PDF documents are yours to download and keep. Please remember that the session notes are copyrighted by Inclusion Rules LLC and Paula Kluth, and may not be reused or distributed without permission.

+ Can I download the videos?

No. The videos are the property of Inclusion Rules LLC and Paula Kluth, and are not for personal use or distribution. Videos may not be downloaded, copied, or shared in any way.

+ Can I cancel my registration?

Prior to August 1, 2022, cancellations requests must be submitted in writing. A US$20 processing fee will be applied. Cancellations requests will not be accepted once the conference goes live on August 1, 2022. Contact us for help.


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  • Upon completion, you will see a “thank you” page confirming your registration and how to access the event page.
  • An email will be sent to the address you listed confirming your registration & payment details. PLEASE check your spam folder if you do not receive this email.
  • You must be logged in to Inclusion Rules to access the content.

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