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2024-25 Co-Teaching Kickoff event only at Inclusion Rules

General Admission

August 1 — October 31, 2024

Co-Teaching Kickoff General Admission ticket


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🏈 Want to take your collaboration skills (e.g., planning, having productive conversations) to the next level?

🏈 Interested in adding a bit of fun (or joy or novelty or energy) to your co-taught classroom?

🏈 Need the basics (e.g., knowledge of tools and structures) to get started in a co-teaching relationship?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions join us at the 2024-25 Co-Teaching Kickoff, a jam-packed asynchronous professional development experience!

Register now and secure your spot in this must-attend event! All of this learning “kicks off” on August 1st.

Have a group or need to use a purchase order? Contact us for help.

Will you join me and more than 20 of my colleagues for this immersive online experience?

In the 25+ sessions offered, administrators, co-teachers, and facilitators will share valuable insights and strategies for success, providing you with the tools and knowledge that you can use in your classroom today. Get access to hours of professional development content that is appropriate for both new and veteran co-teachers.

Who should attend the Co-Teaching Kickoff?

  • general education teachers
  • special education teachers
  • multilingual/bilingual teachers
  • enrichment/gifted education teachers
  • related services educators (e.g., speech therapists, occupational therapists)
  • administrators
  • instructional coaches/facilitators
  • other school-based educators who may want to occasionally collaborate on lesson planning or on the delivery of lessons (e.g., social workers)

Lack of training is a barrier to success

Sessions include:

  • Co-Teaching Beyond the Structures (63 mins)
  • Quit Interrupting & Other Habits (47 mins)
  • Tik Tok, Insta, and Twitter Too: Sharing the News of Your Partnership (93 mins)
  • Supporting Paraprofessionals in Co-Taught Classrooms (77 mins)
  • Co-Teaching to Support Multilingual Learners (67 mins)
  • Teaching Up: 3 Ways to Collaborate with Enrichment Specialists (38 mins)
  • Co-Teaching on the Fly: Tips for Part-Time Collaboration (36 mins)
  • Anchor Teaching (41 mins)
  • Let’s Stay Together: Longevity Tips from a High School Team (50 mins)

  • Co-Teaching Young Children (37 mins)
  • Supporting Them All with Stations (55 mins)
  • Whole Class / LOW Prep (88 mins)
  • Parallel Teaching: Moving Beyond Mini Lessons (78 mins)
  • We HAVE to Start Meeting Like THIS! (32 mins)
  • Having Fun in the Co-Taught Classroom (62 mins)
  • Setting Goals & Creating a Co-Teaching Vision (55 mins)
  • Helpful Hacks for the Co-Taught Classroom (18 mins)

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🏈 More than 20 recorded sessions featuring 25+ presenters

🏈 Over 20 hours of professional development content

🏈 All sessions are based on concepts from 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom

🏈 Unlimited access to watch & rewatch the sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

+ I attended last year. Is this event different?

Yes! At least 5 new sessions will be added including one offering insights from a secondary science classroom, another focused on “courageous conversations”, a third featuring a veteran co-teaching team discussing how and why they integrate ALL the co-teaching strategies into their plans (vs. sticking with one-teach, one support), and one on a too-often-ignored co-teaching structure.

+ Can I register a group with a purchase order?

Yes! Contact us and we will help. Let us know how many people you need to register and we can send an invoice to you. We will send you a coupon code to use for each person registering under the purchase order. We can get you in the conference immediately when the PO is ready.

Register a minimum of 20 people at get a discount of US$10/person. Save even more when registering your group of 50, 100, 150 or more! Contact us and save!

+ Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Register a minimum of 20 people at get a discount of $10/person. Save even more when registering your group of 50, 100, 150 and more!

Contact us and we will help!

+ Can I share my registration?

Each registration is for one person, and the training materials are intended for individual use only. Anyone viewing the video content must be registered for the conference.

User credentials are intended only for the person who has registered. Registration is not transferrable.

Want to register a group? Contact us!

+ Can I get CEU credit?

A downloadable certificate will be available from the conference page.

+ Do I need a copy of 30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom?

Having a copy of "30 Days to the Co-Taught Classroom" would be very helpful, but it is not required. The book is available on Amazon, and we offer great discounts for group orders - contact us for details.

+ Can I download the session notes?

Yes! All of the PDF documents are yours to download and keep. Please remember that the session notes are copyrighted by Inclusion Rules LLC and Paula Kluth, and may not be reused or distributed without permission.

+ Can I download the videos?

No. The videos are the property of Inclusion Rules LLC and Paula Kluth, and are not for personal use or distribution. Videos may not be downloaded, copied, or shared in any way.

+ Can I cancel my registration?

Prior to August 1, 2024, cancellations requests must be submitted in writing. A US$20 processing fee will be applied. Cancellations requests will not be accepted once the conference goes live on August 1, 2024. Contact us for help.


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Co-Teaching Kickoff General Admission ticket

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