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An asynchronous professional development opportunity for busy professionals.

You will have access to 10+ recorded sessions hosted by Paula Kluth and featuring ideas and tips from administrators, general and special educators, researchers, and parents. Each session includes supporting materials (e.g., session notes). A downloadable completion certificate is also available.


February 1-28, 2021.

Yes! You get an entire month to view the content.

Register any time in February and you won’t miss a thing.

Don’t wait—the conference ends on February 28, 2021!


After registering, review all of the available sessions on the conference site and view the them in any order you choose.

Watch some or all. View your favorites as many times as you like. Binge the material in one day, or visit throughout the month to learn a little at a time.

You get everything for $38!

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While some students with disabilities are heading back to physical classrooms, many are still in virtual or hybrid settings. As we begin the second semester, it is so important that we continue to engage these learners and seek creative ways to include and support them and their peers without disabilities.

If you value inclusive education and are embracing it even in these more-than-unusual circumstances, join me and my co-authors in this unique month-long event to get some inspiration and fresh ideas for your virtual, hybrid and face-to-face classrooms!

Even if you are hoping to transition back to face-to-face instruction soon, this event is for you!

  • Do you need engaging games and brain breaks for your inclusive classes?
  • Are you seeking new ways to connect students to peers and community?
  • Would you like some tips for designing awesome teacher-created videos for your learners?
  • Could you use ideas for keeping relationships strong in distance learning settings and beyond?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t miss this unconference!

Join me and more than 10 contributors as we bring the material from this popular resource to you in a dynamic and accessible way. Sign up now to get the right tools to create inclusive learning spaces — virutal, hybrid or face-to-face. Let’s reimagine what’s possible for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is there a deadline to register?

Absolutely NOT! You can register anytime through February 28 (remember the conference ends on February 28 so it’s best not to wait that long!). No matter when you register, you will have access to all of the conference materials and you won’t miss a thing.

+ Can I register a group with a purchase order?

Yes! Contact us and we will help. Let us know how many people you need to register and we can send an invoice to you. We will send you a coupon code to use for each person registering under the purchase order. We can get you in the conference immediately when the PO is ready.

+ Can I share my registration?

Each registration is for one person, and the training materials are intended for individual use only. Anyone viewing the video content must be registered for the conference.

User credentials are intended only for the person who has registered. Registration is not transferrable.

Want to register a group? Contact us!

+ Can I get CEU credit?

A downloadable certificate will be available from the conference page.

+ Can I access the conference content after February 28?

No. The conference will end on February 28.

+ Do I need a copy of the book?

Having a copy of “All In” would be very helpful, but it is not required. The book is available on Amazon, and we offer great discounts for group orders – contact us for discounts.

+ Can I download the session notes?

Yes! All of the PDF documents are yours to download and keep. Please remember that the session notes represent Paula’s copyrighted and intellectual property and may not be reused or distributed without permission.

+ Can I download the videos?

No. The videos are the property of Paula Kluth, and are not for personal use or distribution.

+ Can I cancel my registration?

Prior to February 1, 2021, cancellations requests must be submitted in writing. A $5 processing fee will be charged to cover the credit card transactions. Cancellations requests will not be accepted once the conference goes live on February 1, 2021. Contact us for help.


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  • The content will remain on your dashboard until the expiration date.

Do you want to register a group and need to use a purchase order? Contact us for help.